Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taking the good with the bad.

I'm going to start with the bad:
I came home from school today, got in the elevator with six other people, hit the button to our floor (5), and waited for everyone else to board.  And get this, a young man who came in after me actually had the audacity to push the button to the second floor.  He wasn't on crutches, in a wheel chair, or suffering from any apparent illness to justify his taking the elevator up a single floor.  I even understand the argument that, at times, people are lazy, and climbing a flight of stairs can feel akin to climbing Mt. Everest, but there is an ESCALATOR in this building that goes from the first to the second floors.  He wouldn't have had to climb anything, his escalator-sherpa would have carried him to the peak.  I simply can make no sense of it.

The good is that while I was getting my salad this afternoon, the poor girl who was dishing it up was so distressed by the fact that a boy had not greeted her while she working that she slipped up and let me have an additional topping.  Yes! That's 7 sides laying casually on a beautiful bed of romaine.  Croutons AND beets!  Peas AND black beans!  Carrots, cheese, AND egg!   Thank you, star-crossed lovers, the meal was beautiful.


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